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  • Video evaluation of the Civil Society Support Programme in Tunisia

    Collateral Creations developed and implements a reliable and creative visual methodology, based on OECD DAC criteria, for evaluating the relevance and impact of this programme, whose purpose is to foster governance by encouraging dialogue (...)

  • Video: introduction to International IDEA

    Collateral Creations produced the new introduction video to the International IDEA, which presents its activities in Stockholm and around the world.

  • Afro food... for thought : Nigeria

    The fourth field of an in-depth study of African middle class dietary habits. A study about the recently installed middle class in Lagos through the analysis of their eating habits, perception of well-being and social affirmation. A photo body (...)

  • The Wall of Chicon-Witloof (Belgium)

    Creative documentary photography work and study about the communitarian dispute around the language border in Belgium.

  • The Green(er) Side of the Line - Israel/Palestine

    A photography project to make visible the 1949 armistice line, this pseudo border separating Israel from the occupied Palestinian territories.

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