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  • Collateral Creations develops on the markets of project video evaluation

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(Production of video clips about EU-funded projects in support to the environment in Nigeria) Screening of the film about Madagascar in Brussels on 7th May 2017

Evaluation CFI’s creation of a school of journalism in Myanmar

Collateral Creations was selected to evaluate a programme for the creation of a school of journalism in Myanmar implemented by CFI with the financial contribution of the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs.

CFI, the French media cooperation agency (a subsidiary of France Médias Monde), selected the team proposed by Collateral Creations to undertake the final external evaluation of its FSP programme for the creation of a school of journalism in Myanmar- the Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI).

This programme aimed at establishing a sustainable and operational institution to deliver durable education to journalists, and at supporting its management and visibility.

The objective is to contribute to train a new generation of competent journalists with initial education curricula, and to strengthen the skills and competencies of practicing ones with continuous education courses. The goal of the this programme is thus to encourage the emergence of a vibrant media landscape in Myanmar representing the diversity of its population.