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  • Video evaluation of the Civil Society Support Programme in Tunisia

    Collateral Creations developed and implements a reliable and creative visual methodology, based on OECD DAC criteria, for evaluating the relevance and impact of this programme, whose purpose is to foster governance by encouraging dialogue (...)

  • Bureaucrats - israeli, palestinian and foreign officials in peacemaking

    Slideshow of 35 photo portraits of Israeli, Palestinian and foreign officials involved in managing the peace process.

  • Popular perceptions of the exercise of power in Madagascar

    A quantitative study, a documentary film and a photo essay about citizen’s perceptions of authorities in Madagascar.

  • The Green(er) Side of the Line - Israel/Palestine

    A photography project to make visible the 1949 armistice line, this pseudo border separating Israel from the occupied Palestinian territories.

  • Afro food... for thought: Angola

    > An in-depth study of the influence of a post-war context on dietary habits of Angolan middle classes. > The third field of our in-depth study of African middle class dietary habits focuses on the influence of a post-war context on dietary (...)

International affairs and multimedia production

In brief

  • Collateral Creations develops on the markets of project video evaluation

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