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  • Afro food... for thought : Nigeria

    The fourth field of an in-depth study of African middle class dietary habits. A study about the recently installed middle class in Lagos through the analysis of their eating habits, perception of well-being and social affirmation. A photo body (...)

  • Video evaluation of the EU’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace in Sudan

    Collateral Creations develops an original methodology for visually evaluating international development interventions to capitalize knowledge and improve policies.

  • The Wall of Chicon-Witloof (Belgium)

    Creative documentary photography work and study about the communitarian dispute around the language border in Belgium.

  • Afro food... for thought : Senegal

    An in-depth study of African middle class dietary habits, focusing on the influence of children among Senegalese families.

  • Video: support to democratization in Sudan

    Collateral Creations has produced the video of the EU-funded support to democratization project in Sudan, for evaluation and visibility purpose.

International affairs and multimedia production

In brief

  • Collateral Creations develops on the markets of project video evaluation

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